January 2016

Starting the New Year off on the right foot, with some comedy!

  • RAVISHING performs at Indie Cage Match at UCB East. 
  • TOO BIG OF A DOG performs at January's kinda like this... at Muchmore's. 
  • Sam performs with other improvisers at Kaleidoscope.

December 2015

  • Sam's 10 minute play Perfect Xmas was performed at Little Field in UglyRhino's Holiday Hangover TinyRhino.  
  • Sam read The Young One in the American Premiere of Ewald Palmetshofer's the unmarried woman staged reading at the Austrian Cultural Center directed by Guy Ben Aharon for Austrian Stage. 
  • TOO BIG OF A DOG finished their 2015 run of shows at the Player's Theatre as part of the Big Fiasco. #getpartofit