Samantha Evans is a scream!
— The Theater Mirror


Samantha Evans is the cheerful city girl with a heart of sunshine. From Philly to Boston to NYC - she’s an expert at reading on the subway and still saying excuse me! An actor, improviser, writer, producer, director and expert crafter, Samantha has a notebook for every occasion and a colored pen to match. You can catch Sam next as a cute tech nerd in the feature film, Snatchers, as a supportive BFF in the title role in her creation, Ghost Girl: The Series, or as a sheep-loving romantic in her co-written musical The Longest Road, a parody based on the popular German board game, Settlers of Catan. All smiles and always on the go, you’re likely to find Sam executive producing at Ghost Girl Productions, teaching at the Barrow Group, improvising at the UCB, or hot gluing feathers onto a cardboard turkey. Wherever she is, you can be sure that’s she’s always up for an adventure! 

Evans was absolutely captivating and had the audience convulsing in their laughter.
— Entertainment Hour


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Samantha Evans [has a] magnetically engaging smile and diligently optimistic demeanor.
— Boston Arts Diary


Featuring: Josh Henderson-Cox, Grace Agnew, Casey Tucker, Andrew Coalson, Adrian Burke, Samantha Evans, Joyah Love Spangler & Laura Cornachio 

Featuring: Josh Henderson-Cox, Grace Agnew, Casey Tucker, Andrew Coalson, Adrian Burke, Samantha Evans, Joyah Love Spangler & Laura Cornachio 

Ghost Girl Productions Presents... 

The Longest Road: A Catan Musical Parody

Book & Lyrics by Samantha Evans and Casey Tucker
Music by Genevieve Wilson
Directed by Nikki DiLoreto
Choreography by Joyah Spangler
Props & Costumes by Grace Agnew
Based on the Settlers of Catan Created by Klaus Teuber

Presented by The Tank on February 16th, 17th and 18th at 8pm at 312 W 36th St 1st Floor 

Settlers have left their homes to find salvation on the Island of Catan under the guidance of cult leader, Jeebus. Tina, currently holds the longest road, but will she for long? Maybe. Come join us as we build settlements, roads, cities, alliances and grudges while we learn about the power of friendship through intense competition that brings out the worst in everyone. 

[The Longest Road] is the best thing that ever happened to anyone ever. It’s so much better than Phantom of the Opera. I love my life.
— 12 Year Old Boy in Audience

GHOST GIRL: The Series

"Ghost Girl seems to have caught on with viewers... The original stage version of Ghost Girl beat out its competition five times. That’s enough evidence for me to believe this one is worth backing." - Tube Filter

Samantha Evans is creator of Ghost Girl, a quirky, crafty, musical series that premiered on stage in New York City in Spring 2017. Following a successful Seed & Spark campaign, the Ghost Girl Pilot Episode was shot in Summer 2017. Audiences will soon get to see Ghost Girl make the leap to the screen!