Samantha Evans is a scream!
— The Theater Mirror
Samantha Evans [has a] magnetically engaging smile and diligently optimistic demeanor.
— Boston Arts Diary


Sam Evans is a NYC based actress, improviser and writer from Philadelphia. She is your cheerful, quirky & perky, all-American, girl-next-door. Sam performs weekly with Too Big of a Dog and The Original Cast at Reckless Theatre.

She received her BFA in Acting from Emerson College and additional training at UCB, Shakespeare & Company and The Barrow Group. NYC Theater Credits include: The Barrow Group, UglyRhino, Fresh Ground Pepper, Austrian Stage, Traveling Lantern, DreamStreet, Shakespeare in the Pub. Regional: Williamstown Theatre Festival, Huntington Theatre, Central SquareLyric Stage, Boston Playwright's Theater, Theatre on Fire

Sam's writing has been produced by The Barrow Group, UglyRhino, the SHRTWV Play Festival and at Reckless Theatre. She has done commercial, film, promotional trailer, web-series and voice-over work in New York, Boston and Philadelphia. Sam is a proud Equity Membership Candidate.


Up Next!

October 14th & November 18th - Ino Badanjak: Private Eye (NYTVF Scripts Official Selection 2016) at Reckless Theatre. Ino Badanjak is the best private investigator in town. And she goes to a lot of towns. Episodes 1, 2 and 5. Written by Andrew Coalson and Ryan Donahue.

October 16th - Too Big of a Dog competes at Indie Cage Match at the UCB East at 6:30pm

October 16th - (A) Sexual Creature at the PIT Striker stage. A few months ago Zachary Brenner interviewed every woman who has ever dumped or rejected him. He then wrote a comedy show inspired by their answers. Starring Zachary Brenner and Sam Evans. 

November 5th - Fighter Pilots at Reckless Theatre. Four original TV scripts on stage duke it out and see who's top gun and who's cancelled. This is not your regularly scheduled programming. Featuring Ghost Girl - Episode 2. Jess is a Ghost Girl. Yeah, she is a ghost girl. Written by and starring Sam Evans. 

Winter 2016 - The Season 1 premiere of Kombucha Catch-Up, a web-series written by Stefanie Flamm and directed by Kelly Webb


Thursday Nights Too Big of a Dog an performs in The Big Fiasco at Reckless Theatre. Reckless Theatre's premiere ensembles performing the freshest live theatre in NYC. We are wild. We are rowdy. We are reckless. 

Friday Nights - The Original Cast creates an entirely improvised play in the style of a famed playwright. Give us a title and design us a set and we will give you the next entry in the canon of the Great American Drama. Every week at 8pm at Reckless Theatre. 

Saturday Nights - Too Big of a Dog performs in the Mother Fuckin Ruckus at 9pm at Reckless Theatre. Big Fiasco teams take over the night. Wear your flame retardant slacks and gear cuz this show is going to be fire.